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Marilee is a self employed Financial Designer. That means it is her business to make peoples financial living space beautiful and functional with the ability to adapt and last a lifetime. If you have reached this site you are either a relative, friend , or business associate. I have had this blog for about two years. I wanted a place for expressing my thought, sharing information, and just letting my hair down. I hope you find some of my post interesting, informative, or even entertaining. Please feel free to register and comment, it will only make the blog better.

I am running for office again!

The main reason I am running for the legislature is to bring to the people, a principled approach to government. It is important for me and all others in state government, to look at the State Constitution, which is the … Continue reading

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Wow, learning to manage electronic media is crazy!

I just spent about 4 hours updating the look and feel of this blog. Now I have to go and do the same thing on my website. Then I have to figure out how to link to my social media … Continue reading

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Three Reasons to Purchase Life Insurance on a Child

This report is from the fine folks at MTL. They are the most innovative insurance Co. I know of. In a future blog I will tell you of some personal experiences with our policies and children that may make you … Continue reading

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Holy Cow I am a Grandma

I have joined the ranks of Grandmas everywhere and They were not lying it is the best thing since sliced bread! I just wish I could spend more time with her.

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There is another Mangum Reunion Coming

For all of you that are still registered on my blog the Mangum reunion is on Saturday June 26 At Herriman Park. Lots more info to come.

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My Day With The Prophet

My day with the Prophet Today is August 22, 2009. Even though it is a Saturday we got all dressed up and got a special recommend and I took both my sons to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication. For those … Continue reading

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My very first post to my very first BLOG

I think it will be a while before anyone sees this blog but I feel silly having it and not having anything on it. In this blog you will see things that are interesting to me.  Maybe they interest you … Continue reading

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