Marilee Roose House Seat 22

I am running for office again!

The main reason I am running for the legislature is to bring to the people, a principled approach to government. It is important for me and all others in state government, to look at the State Constitution, which is the foundation document for governance, along with the current code, which is supposed to enforce the foundation document, and then legislate based on principle and fact, not emotion or favoritism. Only this kind of governing can insure that the individual’s rights are protected from encroachment by faction, fad, greed, or misguided good will. Another and maybe just as important reason is to give people more choice. The two major parties do not have a monopoly on good candidates. Please come back often to find out my views on fundamental principals, and current issues and get links to other places where I have posted my views.

Coming Events:

Senior Center Meet the Candidate  Sept.28, 2012

Time: 10.00 am to 12:00 pm

Place: 9228 W. 2700 S., Magna, Utah 84044

What I think:

Protect the people from threats both foreign and domestic; that includes Government.

Taxes: The smaller the better …

Business: Give a good business the space to succeed or fail based upon how the free market responds to it and keep the government out of the way.

Education: Anyone who wants one can get one. I could write a book on the subject and plan to be very pro-acvtive to make sure that what is in place works or goes away. Also I will be trying to implement changes that will make a difference to teachers and students throughout Utah.

Come back I will be adding things regularly





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