My very first post to my very first BLOG

I think it will be a while before anyone sees this blog but I feel silly having it and not having anything on it. In this blog you will see things that are interesting to me.  Maybe they interest you too.  You are sure free to comment and together we may create a useful and interesting place.

Today I was in the car and a talk show host was speaking to my newly re-elected State Attorney General,  he said that the first thing he was going to do was file a law suit against the BCS for not ranking the University of Utah #1 in the BCS rankings!  Can you believe it! My tax dollars hard at work making sure the college football rankings are fair! I am sure glad the world is peaceful enough to allow this to happen, Ha Ha.  Frankly if he does this I will be outraged.  Well I have to go.

About Marilee

Marilee is a self employed Financial Designer. That means it is her business to make peoples financial living space beautiful and functional with the ability to adapt and last a lifetime. If you have reached this site you are either a relative, friend , or business associate. I have had this blog for about two years. I wanted a place for expressing my thought, sharing information, and just letting my hair down. I hope you find some of my post interesting, informative, or even entertaining. Please feel free to register and comment, it will only make the blog better.
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  1. Rick B. Mangum says:

    Marilee!!! I was so glad to get the invite of the mangum family reunion. You have no idea how many times I have thought of you and your family and have “googled” the names “Mark Mangum” and “Mathew Mangum” I ran into Mathew about 10 years ago when we were living in Sandy. He had a TV repair shop somewhere in the vicinity. Anyway, I lost track of him, and have never seen Mark since grandma Mangum died. Mathew had told me he was in the armed forces, but I could never find him. I miss the good ole’ days. I remember playing with mark & Mathew…. we used to play “Star Trek” together. It was funny. We would set up grandpa’s saw-horses as our “captain’s bridge” and then pretend to beam ourselves from “the ship” down to a planet…such goof-balls. Anyway, good times.

    Count us in on the reunion. We wouldn’t dare miss it. I miss grandma mangum so much. She was such a sweet lady…so kind and nice to me. I have many fond memories of her.

    I hope you are all doing well. See you soon. Thank so much to you and Aung May for organizing this thing. I will most likely email you this comment as I’m not sure if you will see this comment on your blog immediately or not.

  2. admin says:

    Many of you might wonder why I have not written for a while. Well I will tell you; it is mostly because the class I was taking that was teaching about having a great blog stopped for awhile and hasn’t come back. It will though, and when it does whatch out! This blog will be great.

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