My Day With The Prophet

My day with the Prophet

Today is August 22, 2009. Even though it is a Saturday we got all dressed up and got a special recommend and I took both my sons to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication.

For those not of my faith this is a most solemn occasion when the prophet and apostles and worthy members gather to pray and dedicate a new temple for worship.

We were seated in one of the rooms that is painted with beautiful murals to represent the world as it is now. Mountains and meadows and small animals fill the walls.

The dedicatory services are like any church meeting there is singing, my daughter Jamie was in the choir. People speak and special prayers are said. We are reminded and urged to remember how special it is to worship in the temple and to go often.

I felt a good and warm feeling through it and was getting ready to leave, everyone was standing but we were not going anywhere when suddenly the prophet was standing in the doorway. He was talking with someone and I could not hear and then he was saying,

“Where is she, where is she.”

He was talking about a young handicapped girl who was sitting behind us. We quickly moved our chairs so that they could wheel her out to the front of the room. President Monson walked down the isle toward us. When he was close to her, her name was Laura, He put his hands on her head and blessed her. Then he looked up and his eyes met mine. He began to shake hands first with Zachary, then K.C., and finally me. Wow I shook the prophets hand!

He turned to tell a story to some girls that were on the other side of the room. Then he spoke in Spanish to some people that were there. He told a story about redheads to a young man with flaming hair. Then he told a story about yellow being his favorite color because it gives light to all the other colors. But, he said, it is also the first to dim. Then he was gone.

That was definitely a highlight in my life, so I am sharing it with some of you.

Hope you are having a good day too,

Marilee Roose

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