I am running for office again!

The main reason I am running for the legislature in 2018, is to bring to the people, a principled approach to government. It is important for me and all others in state government, to look at the State Constitution, which is the foundation document for governance, along with the current code, which is supposed to enforce the foundation document, and then legislate based on principle and fact, not emotion or favoritism. Only this kind of governing can insure that the individual’s rights are protected from encroachment by faction, fad, greed, or misguided good will. Another and maybe just as important reason is to give people more choice. The two major parties do not have a monopoly on good candidates.

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Marilee is a self employed Financial Designer. That means it is her business to make peoples financial living space beautiful and functional with the ability to adapt and last a lifetime. If you have reached this site you are either a relative, friend , or business associate. I have had this blog for about two years. I wanted a place for expressing my thought, sharing information, and just letting my hair down. I hope you find some of my post interesting, informative, or even entertaining. Please feel free to register and comment, it will only make the blog better.
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  1. Marilee says:

    Please visit the candidate page by clicking above for more info.

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