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I am running for office again!

The main reason I am running for the legislature is to bring to the people, a principled approach to government. It is important for me and all others in state government, to look at the State Constitution, which is the foundation document for governance, along with the current code, which is supposed to enforce the foundation document, and then legislate based on principle and fact, not emotion or favoritism. Only this kind of governing can insure that the individual’s rights are protected from encroachment by faction, fad, greed, or misguided good will. Another and maybe just as important reason is to give people more choice. The two major parties do not have a monopoly on good candidates. Please come back often to find out my views on fundamental principals, and current issues and get links to other places where I have posted my views.

Coming Events: Look to the mail or Constitution party web pages for last minute views on issues.

What I think:

Protect the people from threats both foreign and domestic; that includes Government.

Taxes: The smaller the better …

Business: Give a good business the space to succeed or fail based upon how the free market responds to it and keep the government out of the way.

Education: Anyone who wants one can get one. I could write a book on the subject and plan to be very pro-acvtive to make sure that what is in place works or goes away. Also I will be trying to implement changes that will make a difference to teachers and students throughout Utah.

Come back I will be adding things regularly

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Questions and answers



  • EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION: What concrete steps will you take to assure that high-need children of color have access to quality, affordable early childhood education opportunities?
  • I am anxious to begin an initiative to take some of the best early education programs, such as DDI vantage, Head Start, Up start by Waterford schools, etc., and figure out how to incentivize them to find completely private financing, so they can offer the opportunity to children without cost to them or tax money from anyone. Then persuade the legislature to refund back to the citizens dollar for dollar the cost savings. Putting more money back in every Utah family’s budget. When families have more dollars, they can make their own choices about their children’s educational opportunities.


  • K-12 OPPORTUNITIES: Please describe realistic and specific policies you would support to strengthen K-12 education, in general, and to improve opportunities and outcomes for English- learners and other students of color?
  • K-12 will get better when districts are required to account by independent audit where they are putting their resources. No where in this nation can compete with the quality of teachers we have in this state and the genuine concern for all students. What they need is freedom to exercise their knowledge and experience, and funds to create and utilize the ideas, and programs they would create to meet the specific needs of their students. Put money directly in the hands of teachers and you will improve outcomes for all students.


  • UTAH STANDARDS & ASSESSMENT: Please describe what you feel Utah’s educational standards should be for its schools and how student assessments and testing should be used in the classroom.
  • Teachers know how to assess their students. Let teachers do their jobs. Parents know when their kids are doing well or not. Let them have a working relationship with their children’s teachers and listen to them when they have issues. If we pay attention, we will know what needs to be addressed. Handle Standards and assessments on a school level.


  • HIGHER EDUCATION DISPARITIES: What specific higher education policies would you support to address: minority enrollment and graduation rates (both undergraduate and postgraduate), and ensuring that faculty and staff reflect the communities they serve?
  • As soon as we make higher education about real learning and stop making it about anything and everything else we will have better outcomes.


  • SCHOOL VOUCHERS: Do you support or oppose strengthening existing public school systems, rather than going to publicly-funded school vouchers for private school tuition?
  • Voucher systems that utilize tax dollars should be for public school choice. Private schools that ask for public dollars are not private.


  • EVERY STUDENT SUCCEEDS ACT: Do you support or oppose a requirement that all school districts and states develop plans in accordance with the Every Student Succeeds Act that require school districts to account for the safe, adequate education of every student, especially those which have been historically disadvantaged?
  • I am opposed to federal top down education standards.


  • IMPROVING UTAH SCHOOLS: What is crucial to creating a world-class education system in Utah? How should it be financed?
  • Dynamic, synergistic, community involvement is the second most crucial public component of world class education. Family and small community commitment to helping students succeed by giving them a rock solid belief that education is one of the most important aspects of their life and that they should strive to educate themselves. Is the most crucial. When Children want to learn and the community wants to help them learn, that is when we have world class education. Whenever we can group together as private citizens to find ways to finance the goals we have we will be better off . I oppose all measures to raise taxes.




  • What steps would you recommend to ensure students, parents, faculty and staff are safe in our schools?
  • Things that keep you safe at home keep you safe at school. keep the doors locked for outside entrance. Have one entrance that is secured. Teach the school community to help and protect each other.


  • What solutions do you propose to ensure that Utah schools are safe from gun violence?
  • Educate and support proper gun use and safety. Help law enforcement to spend time taking guns from criminals by becoming a value-based society.


  • What legislation is needed to address bullying and physical or sexual harassment in our schools?
  • Family based legislation is how you address these problems. When families don’t permit this behavior, we will not have it in our schools. Schools should do what they can to support families teaching these values.

Income disparity

  • Wealth/Income Gap:
  • What do you propose the State do to narrow the wealth and income gap? It is the purpose of government to protect freedom and guard liberty. When this happens, people have equal opportunity under the law. There are some things that cannot be legislated effectively.


What legislation would you support to combat gun violence?

I oppose legislation that infringes on our 2nd amendment rights.



 What will you do to protect Utah’s Natural Resource including important Native American historical and cultural sites?

  • Listen to the Native Americans and give them the power to protect their own areas. Have the state take control of our lands so that we can then get some local control.



  • Would you support the creation of an independent commission to provide redistricting if the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission and Standards Act (Proposition #4) is approved by voters?
  •  Yes
    • What if it is not approved?
    • I will work hard to make redistricting fair and impartial.


  • What steps would you take to implement state Medicaid expansion if the Utah Decides Healthcare Act (Proposition #3) is approved by voters?
  • I do not support Medicaid expansion. This particular expansion is the worst kind. Proponents say we are missing out on Federal money, but this federal money is not permanent. Every State that has participated is going broke. It doesn’t provide for the people that Medicaid was designed for. It was originally designed to help break the system so that we could hand over all control of healthcare to a federal one payer system. If we pass it we are part of the problem not the solution.
  • I will work with representatives inside the healthcare community to find ways to provide care that will meet the needs of communities and areas at the most local and responsive level. I will guard the  current medicaid funding and do all I can to ensure it is used at the highest and best standards, providing for the most people we can.


  • How do you propose to implement medical Cannabis if the Utah Medical Cannabis Act (Proposition #2) is approved by voters?
  • Why do we think that anyone but doctors should be deciding how medical cannabis should be prescribed, produced, and distributed? Lets put the responsibility where it belongs. Allow the medical community to make use of this drug in the most useful way. Let them come to the legislature is they need something specific passed.


  • What steps would you take to make medical cannabis available to patients if Utah Medical Cannabis Act (Proposition #2) is not approved?
  • The biggest problem we have on this issue is the federal law. I would work closely with our federal reps to fix that part of the puzzle.


What are the transportation challenges that will confront the State in the next twenty years and what do you propose to do to overcome the challenges?

This is an issue where two old adages would be applicable

1. Waste not want not.

2. Don’t throw good money after bad.  Lets look at stopping things that aren’t working and are losing money  and start things that are proven to be  cost effective and self – sustainable.   Let people innovate to meet the challenges of the future.

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