James Wesley Mangum and Ethel Hawkins Mangum Family Reunion


Hello Everyone,

I am so excited about the family reunion!  A big thank you to Aunt Mae for spear heading the event and hosting it. In order to have space we are limiting this particular event to Sons and Daughters of James and Ethel, their Sons and daughters and so on down the line directly.  We will not be going sideways for this event.  Because we love everyone we will try to plan a bigger event for another time when we are together. The date for the big event is June 27, 2009. That is a Saturday.  Please Call Marilee Roose 801-688-0228 or email me at marilee@abceonline.com with any comments, concerns, or questions.  If you subscribe to this blog you will get automatic updates by email.  Very soon you will be able to post comments right to the blog and we can talk.  Technical difficulties should be handled by the weekend and I will send out notice.

See ya soon

Calling All Mangums

March 13th, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Well I am now in the process of gathering snail-mail addresses.  This is easier since we gathered them for a wedding not to long ago.  I hope a few of you are subscribed to the blog by now.  If you have an address or want to get in touch just email marilee@abceonline.com

Just thought I would add a little post to the site.

Today I went to the site to see if any of you had tried to leave a comment.  There were 560 spam comments from who knows where and none from Mangums!  Where are all of you?

So, If you are subscribed I am thinking you will get an email that tells you there is a new post.  If not then you will have to wait for me to write an email and send it out.

We still have no feed back from the young people so I am thinking they are going to make there own fum at the reunion.  I am hoping to get some of the older people to tell some good stories and maybe play some harmonica.

More later,


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  1. admin says:

    Just a short note that The reunion lunch will probably happen this year in August maybe the second week. Hope you will be there

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